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Rystad Energy’s Cost Estimating Solution


Accurate cost estimates are crucial for successful project approvals in offshore oil and gas. FutureOn’s FieldTwin and Rystad Energy’s Cost Estimating Solution are now integrated to offer you a powerful combination of geospatial field development, dynamic visualisation, and cost estimation. Get a clear view of project cost within a seamless workflow from appraisal through later project phases.


Seamless Integration with Concept Development

Share date in real-time, enabling up-to-date cost estimation directly from a FieldTwin project.


Customizable P50 cost estimates

See insights and export reports based on P50 cost estimates using custom design, execution, and cost bases.

Rystad Dashboard

Inflation-linked forecasting

Forecast inflationary impacts on project CAPEX, vital for financial planning and risk assessment.

Rystad Forecast

Detailed Workflow

If using smart assets it is possible to select different types of foundation to match the environment your project is in.

  1. Concept Development in FieldTwin: Initiate your project by crafting a detailed field development concept.
  2. “Data Sync with Rystad Cost Estimating Solution (RCES): when “Use FieldTwin for subsea inputs?” box is selected as “yes” within embedded Rystad dashboard, simply run dashboard to implement subsea scope directly from FieldTwin.
  3. Dynamic Cost Estimation Dashboard: RCES calculates and presents scenario-specific CAPEX after “update dashboard” press, reflecting real-time changes from FieldTwin.
  4. One-Click Updates: Modifications in FieldTwin can seamlessly update the RCES dashboard.
  5. Integrated Viewing Options: Embed the RCES dashboard within FieldTwin for consolidated viewing or choosing to manually adjust estimates in RCES for detailed analysis.
  6. Comprehensive Export Options: Export data from RCES for Excel-based reporting or dive deeper with NPV and Emissions analysis on the Rystad platform.


Accelerated Project delivery

  • Expedite project delivery from concept to operations, significantly reducing time spent on cost estimation and planning.
  • Adjustments in a FieldTwin development concept study will update the CAPEX estimate in the Rystad Energy Cost Estimating dashboard in one-click.
  • Teams can share and contribute to projects within a single environment, facilitating better, faster outcomes at a lower cost.

Clarity in Investments

  • Quick-turnaround P50 cost estimates empower you to make more informed, data-driven decisions that are essential for the success of energy projects.
  • Inflation-linked forecasting enhances your ability to plan budget, allocate resources efficiently, and mitigate financial risks associated with fluctuating economic conditions.

Integration Setup

Before setting up the integration check to make sure that you have administration rights to the account you wish to add the integration to.

Step 1

Login to Rystad Energy client portal: Rystad Client Portal

  • being logged into Rystad’s client portal is necessary for Rystad / FutureOn integration to function

*doesn’t need to be through the generic Rystad homepage (i.e. logging in via links to dashboards will work as well)

Rystad Login

Step 2

FT Admin

Step 3

Select Integration

Step 4

Integration Setup

Step 5

Go To Dashboard

Step 6

Select FT Project

Step 7

Open FT Project

Step 8

Rystad in FieldTwin 1

Step 9

Rystad in FieldTwin 2

Step 10

Rystad configure

Step 11

Update Dashboard